Tex-Trek is your online source for Star Trek fandom and discussion from deep in the heart of Texas, the home state of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. We are a group of Austin-based Texans who share both a deep appreciation of Star Trek in its various forms as well as the progressive values that are the heart and soul of Star Trek. We invite y’all to join us as we examine past Trek as well as the upcoming installments. We will regularly add new episodes to our podcast through our YouTube channel with audio-only versions of each episode available for streaming and download.



    • From a young age StevenTiberiusĀ Fatheree had a deep love of all things science fiction but soon learned to love Star Trek the most. Even more so than that other “Star” franchise. Growing up total white trash in rural Texas did not allow him many opportunities to share his love of Star Trek with anyone who cared beyond a few loving relatives (who were secretly wishing the kid would shut up about the Dominion War). This should have discouraged him from yapping about Star Trek from sunup to sundown but he insisted on quoting Klingon phrases and describing his model starship fleet to anyone within earshot. After several assassination attempts and an almost state-wide petition to deport him from the Lone Star state, he is still here running his jaws about smart social commentary, warp technology, the evolutionary differences between Romulans and Vulcans, and green space-babes. In desperate need to both annoy the world with non-stop Trek talk and make himself feel smart by showing off his Trek knowledge he has now taken to the internet to spread the word of the Great Bird of the Galaxy.
  • DAVE
    • Dave Farabee manages Rogues Gallery, a comics and gaming shop in the Round Rock quadrant of Texas. He grew up on classic Trek reruns, had a love/hate with Next Gen till the last decade or so, and secretly likes the theme song to Enterprise. He did some time at the University of Texas in pursuit of an art degree, frequently clashing with campus a-hole, Finnegan, then became aimless for a time. Eventually Cyrano Jones took him under his wing and introduced him to the world of selling people things they didn’t know they needed. He’s played a lot of Star Trek board games and finds their quality inversely prortional to the quality of Star Trek video games. He has an unrequited crush on Tasha Yar’s sister.


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